Who Benefits When We Are Healthier?

Everyone! People feel better, look better, act better, and are better to get along with when they take the responsibility of understanding themselves, their own health risks, and the actions they can take toward healthful living.


The most effective intervention for any unwanted condition is prevention. Chronic diseases are associated with risk-factors. If a person reduces the level of risk, there will be less chance of a chronic disease occurring.

Costs of Health Care have been growing faster than the rate of inflation. Aware citizens ask: what effects are gained at what costs? Is all this medical care needed? Couldn't people stay healthy without medicines?

Information on Natural Hygeine

With that said we all know that Fads come and go like the tide, and then come along again some 30 years later as new fads like changing weather patterns. The system of Natural Hygiene doesn't change with the times because Natural Hygiene is a way of life. Natural Hygiene is a system of care of the body, mind and spirit, both in health as well as in ill-health, based on a practical recognition and systematic carrying out of the laws of existence as these laws are developed and explained by physiological, biological and biochemical sciences. Natural Hygiene is so much more than a raw food vegetarian or vegan diet. Put simply Natural Hygiene is about all sorts of lifestyle choices.

It is irrefutable. The soils in which our foods are grown today are depleted soils. After WWII, in the late 1940s, growers discovered that nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which were left over from the post-war armaments industry, worked well as fertilizers and produced great looking crops. These three nutrients quickly replaced former traditional mulching and manuring, but over time contributed to the depletion of many essential micronutrients from our soils. Although we do need nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, we need iron, copper, selenium, chromium, calcium, magnesium, iodine, molybdenum, zinc, cobalt, boron, vanadium and other trace elements as well. Even with carefully trying to obtain organic fruits and vegetables, locally grown and in-season, chances are they are still grown in nutrient-deficient soils. This forms one of the most compelling reasons why nutritional supplementation is necessary today.

The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements awarded USANA it's highest rating of five stars and named it the Editor's Choice out of more than 1,500 supplements compared on the market. This was a third-party test, in which supplements from Canada and the US were torn apart, evaluated, and compared. Where does your supplement rank?

Education (not medication) is the answer!

A Note on ROYL Retreat

In the timeline of repairing the Retreat's problems and deciding when to reopen, I realized that although we were doing extremely valuable and gratifying work with individuals seeking to renew their health, we simply were not reaching very many people. Adaptation is a part of nature. If we don't adapt to change we die trying to hang on to the past - so we made a change. The Retreat will not reopen.

If you are seeking a place to go for...

Nature Cure Raw Food Health Retreat.

  • •  Fasting, Juice Diets
  • •  Monotropic Diet Plans
  • •  Raw-Food meals
  • •  Lectures & Round-Table Discussions
  • •  Supervised Weight Reduction
  • •  Corrective Exercises
  • •  Daily Walks, Sunbathing
  • •  Reinforcement and support

Victoria Bidwell's retreat is designed to teach health seekers how to get well and stay well without drug and doctor dependency and with natural hygiene! You as the health seeker will learn how to live "the ten energy enhancers" which will allow you to:

  • •  Restore Your Energy
  • •  Detoxify your body
  • •  Balance your body chemistry
  • •  Rejuvenate your life

...we say that you will find the Raw Retreat of your life at Nature Cure Raw Food Health Retreat