About Dr. Haag

Dr. Tosca A. Haag grew up under the tutelage of both Dr. Herbert Shelton and Dr. Vivian Vetrano, two world renowned Doctors of the Natural Hygiene community. In doing so, she witnessed the miracles of what a Holistic lifestyle and living in accordance with the laws of life could do, first hand. Dr. Haag was the assistant editor and contributing writer for Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Review for many years.

She and her husband, Dr. Gregory Haag have been supervising Directors of numerous Health Retreats across the country. More importantly, she has successfully raised, and home schooled, their four children hygienically (according to the Science of Health), giving them a solid base on education, health & wellness. She specializes in teaching this same concept to others. Because she has followed a Holistic vegetarian lifestyle from an early age, guided by her mother, Dr. Vivian Vetrano, Dr. Haag has long experience with healthy living.

In 1984, Tosca graduated from medical school after already having worked at Dr. Shelton’s Health School with both he and Dr. Vetrano. Preferring an all natural, holistic approach to health by nutritional consultation and education, Dr. Haag does not practice regular, conventional medicine, but rather, teaches the importance of healthy living and a clean diet and why supplementing in today’s fast paced society is paramount.


My Natural Hygiene career started out way before I was born. I was one of those rare first generation Natural Hygienic children from “before birth”.  And my fasting education began at 18 months old when for some strange reason I developed a fever that lasted  long enough for me to be fasted for five days! I was two and a half when I first met Dr. Shelton but I took an immediate liking to this jolly old man. I  grew up holding on to Dr. Shelton’s hand, riding on his back like he was a horsy, riding on his shoulders so I could see above the crowd, having him help me tenderly tend to wounded animals and being my talking encyclopedia for my homework assignments. I learned to read by reading to him. The number of hours I spent by his side learning and absorbing were limitless. I honestly believe I spent more time with this man than his own four biological kids put together.

I was a novelty at the Health School, and therefore, the center of attention yet endured a lot of emotional pain and suffering from being so different at a time when white Wonder Bread was all the rage. I was fasted for the slightest sniffle and was watched at birthday parties so I wouldn’t eat a bite of cake or ice cream. I grew up healthy and full of energy, but I wasn’t happy. Happiness and fun seemed to be stifled too much by rules to conserve nerve energy.

I saw many things take place since the age of three at Dr. Shelton’s Health School. I saw Hygiene change people’s health and destroy their relationships. I saw it consume the doctor’s lives from morning through the night many times. I saw the stress from the concern over the health, disease, or life of the individuals who came and went, take its toll on both Dr. Shelton and my mother over the years. I did not want that life for me. But when I met Greg, who had suffered greatly as a child under the hands of the medical men, and he found out about Natural Hygiene, there was no stopping where we were headed.

My goal has always been to provide the highest quality Hygienic information possible to my clients based on my beliefs and trust in the truths taught to me by my teachers. So while I have questioned and seemingly repudiated some long standing Hygienic teachings, I have now discovered that I must also remain open to new information and flexible to change. I don’t think Dr. Shelton, T.C. Fry or anyone else would want it any other way. I am grateful for the friendships I formed with all of my guests and all that they’ve shared with me. I have always tried to be kind, caring and empathetic to all who trusted me with their health. And I appreciate the kind and loving sentiments I’ve received back. Some have actually said that the experience of meeting me was one of the greatest experiences of their lives. Others say that I have touched the hearts of many people in ways that will never be forgotten. To all of you I say “Thank You. Each of you has touched my life and given me something back. Thank you.”

After our Lawsuit our attorneys told us we probably should not practice Hygiene in our Retreats any more. They were sharp. They said that because people aren’t as physically sound as they once were, someone else with a degenerative disease that won’t respond to fasting will surely come through our doors sooner or later for a repeat performance. Nicely put, the message was that we would be living our lives on the brink of disaster  every year we remained open. With these words I began to think of all of my mother’s Hygiene Library packed in boxes and stored  in a raccoon infested trailer and thought — what a shame for the books. We had talked about building a $20,000 air conditioned portable building we could take with us wherever  we may move and I thought, “For what?” My mind was reeling. I didn’t want to store the books. They were historical. They needed to be taken care of by someone who loved Hygiene and its rich history as much as Dr. Vetrano! The moment I had that thought the most dynamic, fun, creative promoter of Natural Hygiene came to my mind — Victoria BidWell.

Victoria said she had the space free of varmints where the weather was better than in Texas and she could store the books for us indefinitely. So we packed up 10,000 pounds of books on — I can’t  even remember how many pallets — and shipped them off to “The Shipping Lady” in Concrete, Washington. With this move developed a train of thoughts leading to a website called Health4thebillions.org where the library could be viewed for posterity. And this was a project that took wings, one that I could sit back and watch happen , occasionally helping Victoria from time to time and be completely satisfied that something exciting was taking place to help spread Natural Hygiene. Victoria has the Vision! She has the energy! She has the wings!

I guess you can say that I’ve had a remarkable career in Natural Hygiene and now it’s time to move on and take time to take care of ME!!!  And after two years of personal growth and the realization that some of the “truths” I grew up with weren’t exactly “true” it seems like I have now picked a challenge that is a bit shocking to the Hygienic world, but that’s the way I am. I am not getting out of Natural Hygiene, I have simply changed my focus from teaching and Retreats to occasional consultations between me and my guests only, and to writing and correcting “Pure, Sheltonian Natural Hygiene” in our new book WHAT DR. SHELTON DIDN’T KNOW! And specifically to correcting the Dr. Shelton erroneous teaching that supplements should not be considered a part of Natural Hygiene. The exponential increase in physiological knowledge and technology as well as a world of food-like substances instead of nutrition packed produce makes supplementation unavoidable in the best of circumstances. The manuscript in the making for WHAT DR. SHELTON DIDN’T KNOW!  has come to be an ongoing project in my life!

From the hippie generation through one failed marriage; from a trek to Hollywood with stars in my eyes to a wonderful marriage to the man of my dreams; from formal medical training with babies in the mix to opening a Natural Birthing Center delivering babies;  from having a child poisoned to a still birth; from opening successful Hygienic Retreats around the country to a lawsuit leading to retirement, my life has been Natural Hygiene — with an edge.