Frankly Scarlet, I DO give a damn – especially now since I have seen the light. I recall the first time I ever saw the construction of the New and last Dr. Shelton’s Health School with its magnificent tall Southern “Gone With The Wind” pillars. I had been raised at the previous Health School with its dark river rock appearance. It was scary! But here was the new and improved Health School, shiny and sparkly white as the Taj Mahal glows. The second story porch was my special porch both from above and below, where I could imagine my Romeo declaring his love to me, his Juliet.


Today I sit and recall the many wonderful memories of all the interesting “health nut” characters I had the privilege of meeting there and being able to spend really special moments with. I remember with extreme pleasure Ms.Griffith, the resident Grammarian who I also loved to visit daily since she lived in a really cool hideaway room at the end of a hallway people rarely went, so few knew existed. Then there was Mr. Giovanni Rossi who was a world recognized symphonic orchestra Concert Master (violin extraordinaire). He practiced his violin every day he was there and I loved to sit on the floor and listen to him play. And, I remember 25-35 people crowding onto folding chairs in the upstairs foyer every afternoon to listen to health lectures. There was no dining room – the residents ate sitting up in their beds. Whispering quiet was the theme so that people could rest and heal.


The Health School was a large rectangular white brick building resembling a two-story hospital. The insides were pristine, made of non-toxic cinder blocks, fresh colored non-toxic paint and solid non-toxic terrazo floors – easy to keep spotlessly clean. It sat regally on top of a hill almost half a mile off the highway, secluded by native Texas scrub oak and cedar on all sides, secluded from the rest of the world except by car down the single road leading to it. Dr. Shelton’s dream was to have manicured grounds and organic gardens to feed the residents from. The residents felt safe and secure. The locals joked about the place, calling it the “Nut house on the hill”, calling the residents “inmates” and the institution a cult. There was also a men’s and women’s solarium for sunbathing. Everything needed for healthy natural healing.

Dr. Shelton's Health School Pic

Fast forward 50 years into the future. Here I sit in front of a multi-story pristine shiny white hospital-like building where every room enjoys its own private porch overlooking manicured grounds, thalassotherapy pools, and the Pacific Ocean just south of San Diego in Rosarita, Mexico. The structure built of non-toxic cinder blocks sport beautiful non-toxic terrazo floors,  the walls painted with non-toxic paint, special electrical wires prevent electromagnetic fields from contaminating the environment run through the walls of the entire place. A solid white brick wall surrounds the manicured grounds and organic gardens. There was one entrance onto the grounds through a guarded gate. The residents feel safe and secure. The locals joke about the place, calling it a “Nut house” and insisting that the residents are part of a cult. There is an education center, a small amphitheater with projection screens, lecture podium, and cushioned seats – enough for at least 300 people. There are plenty of comfortable couches and chairs for lounging outside of your room, and there are two dining rooms serving non-toxic organic raw foods and juices for healthy natural cleansing and healing.

Sitting in front of Sanoviv

Fifty years into the future from Dr. Shelton’s Health School stands Sanoviv Medical Institute, created by another man with even a more far reaching vision for a world free from pain and suffering, a world free from disease – Dr. Myron Wentz. Dr. Wentz was fortunate enough to have spent a lifetime of work in scientific research concerning cell culture (keeping cells alive and well for decades without signs of degeneration). While Dr. Shelton laid the foundation for healthy living, science had to catch up. And please understand that I refer to Science as a completely different entity than medicine. Dr. Wentz carried forward with science, creating a Health School and fully integrated holistic hospital incorporating all that science has to offer. Sanoviv is a registered hospital and  complete cancer facility, using Functional Medicine, diet, R&R, cleansing, psychology, exercise (all sorts), sunshine, mental composure, teaching all its residents about life’s “Energy Enhancers” and showing them how to avoid all life’s “Energy Robbers.” There is a reason this beautiful new Health School called Sanoviv sits in Mexico – for all the reasons Dr. Shelton was dragged to jail for practicing medicine without a license. Like Hygiene, Sanoviv believes that the body heals itself when the cause of disease is removed and the conditions of good health are provided.


My experience at Sanoviv was surreal. It felt like I had taken a time machine back to 1964. My time spent there was too short. Funny, but that’s what people at the Health School used to say!