THIS IS MY STORY: My name is “Marvin Moses.” I am from South Carolina. I am 63 years old (young —smile).


I heard about Victoria BidWell nearly 30 years ago, about the same time I heard about T. C. Fry. I had read in his Healthful Living Magazine about Victoria and her slogan: “GetWellHStayWell, America!” But little did I know that one day I would be working for her and then staying at her retreat. GOD KNOWS BEST!


The timing could not have been more critical. I was coming up for my Department of Transportation required physical so I could keep my lifetime job as a truck driver. I see so many truck drivers out on the road, at the Rest Areas, and at the truck stops who are so sick. In the summer, when some wear knee-length shorts, some have legs that are so swollen, blackish-purple, and so bumpy with varicose veins. Most are overweight. Most have high blood pressure. Almost all are on medications. It is a truck drivers’ epidemic out there!


I feel so bad for them — especially since there is a Natural Hygiene answer so easy to find on The Internet. Thing was — I had joined the ranks of these sick-and-getting-sicker truck drivers myself. And I could see it comin’ that one day soon I would not pass the Department of Transportation physical and would be out of a job. Social Security checks would not get me through each month. What would I do then? Besides, I enjoy my work and would like to keep going as long as I can. Victoria shared: “I feel the same way! I am a busy woman with a lot of work yet to do! I don’t want to be put out to pasture until I say so!”


So, here it was, April of 2014. I was overweight, pushing past 260 pounds. I carried most of it in what Victoria jokingly called my “Buddha Belly!” She was right. I had mostly thin legs and carried most of this weight in my torso with a big, round, hard belly sticking way out in the front. But I also packed on extra pounds into my behind. I remember recently climbing up a long flight of stairs and wondering what got connected to my butt because it felt like I was dragging up a gunnysack full of something heavy! And I was! I felt behind me to disconnect whatever had glommed onto me. But I was unsuccessful — because it was my own big behind!


And my blood pressure was much higher than it should have been — 165/86. I was taking blood pressure medication, and it was still that high! I was worried for just these 2 problems. But I was also concerned about elevated blood sugar and all the other complications that appear when, as Victoria calls it, “…a person takes The Descent into Disease.” I COULD SEE IT COMIN’! I was “a truck wreck about-to-happen” if I did not detour and turn around at the round-about. I kept thinking: “I am only 63. And I can already see the end is near if I stay on this steep slope going downhill at this high speed.”


I DECIDED THAT I COULD JUST NOT MANEUVER THIS TURNAROUND ON MY OWN. I just knew that I could not. My friend Eric Watson in New York City had known Victoria for 30 years and had been getting her mailings about her new “guesthouse.” He told me about her place. And that was all it took. I got her on the phone the first try. She told me I needed at least 4 weeks at $500 a week. But I did not have $2,000. I only had $1,300. So I told her I would have to cut those 4 down to 2. But she insisted I get “the best turnaround possible” and told me I could come for her “Pitch-in Prices.” I agreed to work 9 days with free room and board for the extra time I would need. Then, I sent off $1,300 by Western Union, “Instant Money.”


I came to Victoria’s for the 9 days of pitchin’ in and 23 days of fasting on water-only and 5 days on her “Diabetes-Type-2-Ender Green Drink.” I dropped 35 pounds and got rid of my Buddha Belly. I dropped my blood pressure medication during the 9 days of pitchin’ in, and my blood pressure dropped to 112/75. Victoria drove me up to Bellingham where I took my required Department of Transportation physical. And everything checked out in the “NORMAL RANGE!” WHAT A GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT!


Victoria prepared me for the 23-day fast with my very first meal. While she went on errands, she treated me to a veggie salad bar in Mt. Vernon. After that, I was on the all-raw fruit and veggie diet with delicious homemade juices and salad dressings. IT ALL TASTED GREAT!


She was still in recovery from her knee replacement surgery, so she shopped for me, and I prepared my own salads and cleaned up afterwards during the 9 days of pitchin’ in. I told her I wanted very little fruit and almost all greens. After stocking my fridge, everyday she brought over a few more surprise items — almost everything was 1 shade of green or another!


I have many truck driver friends and a lady friend who are all suffering terribly from diabetes. So I decided while I was here to treat myself like a “pre-diabetic.” And Victoria knew just what to do: veggie salads and almost every item a shade of the color GREEN: all kinds of lettuces, cabbage, celery, green onions, cucumbers, asparagus, collard greens, spinach. I added a few of the colored, non-sweet fruits: tomatoes, zucchini, red and orange peppers to my salads. I took a huge handful of nuts or seeds each day.


Looks like Victoria has an endless amount of hard, physical labor around the 2 homesteads for anyone who wants to do her “Pitch-in Prices.” So my 45 hours spread over 9 days hardly made a dent. But I was happy to rake up the winter branches that had dropped onto the lawn and pusher-mow the 1/2-acre at Our Hygiene Homestead. Victoria was so grateful! We packed up 8 huge contractor bags of clippings and filled “The Patriotic Pick-up” full. I admitted to her: “I have not worked this hard for 30 years! Truck drivers get no exercise at all. And after a long-haul all day, every day, we don’t feel like exercising, either.” So, for the first time in 30 years, I actually worked up a sweat for hours a day — 9 days in a row! Victoria had saved HighJoy’s droppings for me, too! Forty 50-pound buckets of Arabian poop went over to her neighbor’s garden. And when I was too tired the rainy afternoon she set aside to load them into the Pick-up, she shamed me and started moving the buckets the necessary 50 feet all by herself! I could hardly believe my eyes!


So I pushed my 63 year-old body on good knees to keep up with her 68-year old body on 1 bad knee and 1 recovering knee! Well, she had told me on the phone before ever meeting me and each time during our several phone calls before I arrived: “I am saving High’s poop — all just for you!” She wasn’t kidding! I brought a rain slicker and knee-high boots, and we did what she does best: “Worked! Worked! Worked!” At one point, I stood in High’s favorite “potty place” where he poops and looked up at her. I told her that I could not imagine a city slicker like Eric Watson or her website friend Mike ever getting their hands and boots dirty in a horse paddock. But I was enjoying the challenge and slept great after each hard work day!


Right when I checked into Our Hygiene Homestead as a paying guest, after the 9 days of work, Victoria and I sent The Live Food Factor to my friend Karen. She is a best friend of many years. I wanted her to know how to reverse her diabetes and also to drop weight like I had been doing. She got the book, got her education, and got on the diet for 2 weeks while in South Carolina. Then, she got on a plane to join us. I spent my last 10 days in The Critters’ Forest with Karen while she went off her diabetes and high blood pressure medications and got on Victoria’s “Diabetes-Type II- Ender Green Drink.” (It is also a weight-loss drink, as each quart has about maybe 200 calories.) I had picked up a good blood pressure cuff at Walmart for us to use, and Karen had brought her blood sugar strips. We checked these readings throughout every day. And they went down, down, down, down… into healthy, normal ranges — without medications! We were amazed!


But Victoria was not the least bit surprised: “It is exactly what I expect! It happens with every guest who takes my direction and assistance. Providing they stay long enough, everybody who comes here gets better. The bedrock foundation of Correct Natural Hygiene is based on 1 idea: Your body is self-cleansing, selfhealing, self-regulating, and self-maintaining! Your amazing progress is what I expect when I provide for you The Conditions for Health (The 10 Energy Enhancers) and remove from you The Causes of Disease (The 10 Energy Robbers). And yes, The Correct Natural Hygiene Fast speeds up the processes tremendously over just living right and right eating. The fast on water-only provides the conditions for Energy Enhancer #1 — Cleanliness — to happen rapidly and deeply and fully. Marvin, you fasted. And Karen, you did the very next closest thing to fasting on water-only: my Green Drink. And just look what has happened!




Victoria and I had planned a 21-day fast for me. But it went so easy and so fast that I added on 2 more days— “for good measure!” Victoria explained that each day of fasting correctly while deep into the fast is equal to several days at the beginning of a fast in terms of revitalization, cleansing, and healing. So I went to 23 days. Never got sick feeling once. Only got a little weak towards the end. The weather in Concrete was often sunny and even went up to 80 degrees one day. Victoria urged me to take sunbaths when I could, even though I am a black man not needing a tan. Victoria says: “Many studies show that Energy Enhancer #6 —Regular Sunbaths — actually are essential for health and well-being.” I do not want the Buddha Belly back or the high blood pressure. I am now inspired to keep the forward momentum that I have started here.



I was planning to come back twice a year, but Victoria tells me that once a year is plenty if I stay on track. I HAVE NOT BEEN THIS EXCITED ABOUT ANYTHING IN YEARS! I am planning to come back “once a year” to keep my progress going. (Victoria has promised to save more of High’s poop for us to haul off.)


Victoria and I had long visits almost every day. She kept handing me books to pay attention to and videos to watch. I watched FAT, SICK & NEARLY DEAD! It shows a truck driver who went up to 415 pounds when he met the traveling author of this video and who then gave up truck driving to get well on raw juices and live foods. I didn’t need to go to 415. The over 260 all-time high I had reached when I arrived at Our Homestead was enough for me! And I do not think I need to quit my job to keep making progress, either. I have begun to see how I could be “The 10 Energy Enhancers Truck Driver” — on the road who provides The Conditions for Health all along his merry High-gene High-Joy High-Way! It will take some commitment and effort and creativity. But I can do it!


Victoria explained that I don’t have to mess with food preparation, that I can just shop for the food, clean it up, and make my salads in my mouth with bites of whole fruits and veggies! “If you do wait until you are genuinely hungry, eating whole foods whole will be extremely yummy and satisfying!” So, I will give up the hassle of complicated food preparation while on the road and, as Victoria reminded me, “Do what they did at Dr. Shelton’s Health Schools from 1926 to 1980: Plop the food washed and whole onto a plate, dig in, and enjoy it!” And I am going to get a folding mini-trampoline to tramp up and down on for my traveling exercise! I AM EXCITED TO GO HOME AND… “DO RIGHT!”


Victoria is a walking, talking, endless source of knowledge — not only on Natural Hygiene but on many aspects of life in general. I would recommend her and Our Hygiene Homestead to anyone who wants to get healthy or stay healthy. Get in touch with Victoria BidWell. Let her assist you in whatever direction you need to go to make the kind of progress that Karen and I have made!


Karen Gets Off Insulin & Blood Pressure Medications on 10 days of Victoria’s Diabetes-Type-2-Ender Green Drink!


Victoria continues: Once Karen showed up, I could hardly get a word in edgewise! She and Marvin going at it together was like watching a comedy of 2 friends on the black channel — deep South accents and all —who had to out-shout and out-argue each other — just for the fun of it! At 1 point, I did have to say to them: “Just this once, I am going to finish my thought here.” And they both sat quietly the rest of my visit. Those 10 days were the longest they ever got to spend with each other. I joked: “You are having so much fun in your own little playhouse!” But Karen did get “the health message” — and in just 10 days!



Seven years ago, she went on medication when her blood sugar marker read “500.” She left 10 pounds at Our Hygiene Homestead in just 10 days with blood sugar reading “A NORMAL, HEALTHY 88!” and off medication.


For several days after they left, I missed my daily visits to The Guesthouse and the time spent with Marvin and Karen. The 2 of them were…“THE PERFECT GUESTS!” They came with the right attitude! They read suggested materials and watched suggested videos constantly! They learned so much! They got so much better! I could see the progress daily in their physical bodies and in their vital readings and in the sparkles in their eyes! I WAS SO WELL REWARDED! I CAN ONLY THANK THE GETWELL FRIENDS AND THANK GOD FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO WORK WITH SUCH HAPPY HEALTH SEEKERS!